সকল বিষয়ে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ABBREVIATION (শব্দ সংক্ষেপ)


অধিক গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ABBREVIATION (শব্দ সংক্ষেপ) সমূহঃ


ADR= Alternative Dispute Resolution.

AFMC= Armed Forces Medical College.

AID= Agency for International Development.

ATM= Automated Teller Machine.

ADB= Asian Development Bank.

AIDS= Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrone.

APEC= Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation.

ANA= Arab News Agency.

ABM= Anti Ballastic Missile.

AD= Amo-Somi.

ABC= Asian Badminton Confederation.

AFC= Asian Football Confederation.

ATC= Air Traffic Control.

ABU= Asian Broadcasting Association.

ADF= African Development Fund.

AOC= Air Officer Commanding.

ASAT= Anti-Satellite.

ADC= Asinp acific Development Centre.


BC= Before Christ.

BCC= Bangladesh Cadet Corps.

BFA= Bangladesh Football Association.

BTMC= Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation.

BAEC= Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.

BAFA= Bangladesh Air Force Academy.

BARC= Bangladesh Agriculturanl Research Cuncul.

BCB= Bangladesh Cricket Board.

BCS= Bangladesh Civil Service.

BDRCS= Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.

BENELUX= Belgium Naterland and Luxemburg.

BNCC= Bangladesh National Cadet Core.

BEPZA= Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority.

BBC= British Broadcastion Corporation.

BARD= Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development.

BFFWT= Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust.

BRRI= Bangladesh Rice Research Institute.

BMA= Bangladesh Medical Association.

BRDB= Bangladesh Rural Development Board.

BSS= Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha.

BUET= Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

BRAC= Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee.

BAPEX= Bangladesh Patreoum Exploration.


CAB= Consumer Association of Bangladesh.

CIA= Central Intelligence Agency.

CNN= Cable News Network.

CWWC= Children and Worker Welfare Council.

CSIR= Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

CID= Criminal Investigation Department.

CTBT= Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

CIS= Commonwealth of Independent States.


DC= Deputy Commissioner.

DD= Director General.

DM= District Magistrate.

DV= Dhaka University.

DL= Doctor of Law.

DLO= Dead Letter Office.

DNA= Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid.

DSE= Dhaka Stock Exchange.

DMP= Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

DTE= Director of Technical Education.

DGCA= Director General of Civil Aviation.

DMCH= Dhaka Medical College Hospital.


EC= Election Commission.

ECA= Economic Commission for Africa.

EFA= European Fighter Aircraft.

EPZ= Export Processing Zone Authority.

EFC= European Economic Community.

EPCB= Environment Pollution control Board.

ECG= Electro Cardio Gram.

ECO= Econonic Cooeration Council.

ENA= Estern News Agency.

EB= Export Promoton Bureau.

ECC= European Community Commission.

EMS= Express Mail Service.


F.M.= Foreign Minister.

F.P.= Family Planning.

FAP= Flood Action Plan.

FAR= Federation of Arab Republic.

FEC= Foreign Exchange Certificate.

FOB= Free on Board.

FEMA= Fair Election Monitoring Alliance.

FBI= Federal Bureau of Investigation.

FAO= Food and Agricultural Organization.

FDC= Film Development Corporation.

FIFA= Federation of International Football Association.

FAX= Fractional Airspace Xerox.

FFWW= Female Family Welfare Worker.


GP= General Practitioner.

GDP= Gross Domestic Product.

GATT= General Agreement on Tariff and Trade.

GPO= General Post Office.

GMT= Greenwich Mean Time.

GNP= Gross National Producte.

GCC= Gulf Co-operation Council.

GS= Generalised System of Preference.

GSTP= Global System of Trade Preference.


HP= Horse Power.

HTV= Human Immune Virus.

Hi-Fi= High Fidelity.

HDB= Horticulture Development Board.

HBFC= House Building Finance Corporation.


IAT= Institute of air Transport.

IBE= International Bureau of Education.

IBF= International Badminton Federation.

ICB= Investment Corporation of Bangladesh.

ICC= International Cricket Council.

ICV= Infancy Combat Vehicles.

IDP= Iodine Deficiency Disorder.

IFF= International Football Federation.

ILA= International Law Association.

ICAO= International Civil Aviation Organization.

ICRC= International Committee of the Red Cross.

IDA= Islamic Development Bank.

IFC= International Finance Corporation.

IFIC= International Finance Investment Committee.

IGP= Inspector General of Police.

IRRI= International Rice Research Institute.

IBA= Institute of Business Adminitration.

IFAD= International Fund for Agricultural Development.

IAEA= International Atomic Energy Agency.

ILO= International Labour Organization.

IMF= International Monertary Fund.

Interpol= International Police Organization.

IOC= International Olympic Committee.

IJO= International Jute Organization.

IQ= Intelligence Quotient.


JT= Jute International.

JBC= Jiban Bima Corporation.

JS= Jatio Sangsad.

J.C.C= Junir Cadet Core.

JMBA= Jamuna Multpiurpose Bridge Authorty.


Kg= Kilogram.

KKK= Ku Klux Klan.

KCNA= Korian Central News Agency.

KG= Kinder Garten.

GW= Kilowatt.

KNM= Bhulna Newspaper Mells.

KGB= The Sovet Secret Brance.


LC= Local of Credit.

LCM= Lowest Common Multiple.

LASER= Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

LES= Lunar Escape System.

LGRD= Local Government and Rural Development.

LRCS= League of the Read Cross Societies.

LBW= Leg Before Wicket.

LLB= Legum Bachelor.

LLM= Legum Master.

LMG= Light machine Gun.

LWM= Low Water Mark.


MA= Master of Arts.

MB= Bachelor of Medicine.

MD= Doctor of Medicine.

MDS= Master of Dental Surgery.

MBA= Master of Business Adminstration.

MP= Member of Parliament.

MBBS= Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

MENA= Meddle East News Agency.

MASER= Microwave Ampplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.


NB= Note Bene/ Take Notice.

NRR= Net Reproduction Rate.

NATO= North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

NOPT= National Board of Revenue.

NSI= National Security Intelligence.

NAM= Non Allign Movement.

NASA= National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NATO= North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

NBC= National Boardcasting co-orpporation.

NOC= No Objection Certificate.

NIPORT= National Institute of Population Research and Training.

NSF= National Shooting Federation.

NGO= Non-Government Orgnization.


OK= All Correct.

OECD= Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development.

OAPEC= Organization of Areas Petroleum Exporting Committee.

OAU= Organization of African Unity.

ODA= Overseas Development Assistance.

OIC= Organization of Islamic Conference.

OFA= Old Faujians Association.


PM= Post Meridiem.

PC= Population Control.

PG= Post Graduate.

PP= Public Prosecutor.

PDB= Power Development Board.

PLA= Palestine Liberation Army.

PNC= Palestine National Council.

PWD= Public Works Development.

PHD= Doctor of Philosophy.

PLO= Palestine Liberation Organization.


QG= Quarter Guard.

QM= Quarter Master.

QMG= Quarter Master General.

QMGO= Quarter Master Keneral of Ordinance.


RCD= Regional Co-operation for Development.

RPM= Revolution Per Minute.

RNA= Ribo Nuclic Acid.

RAF= Foyal Air Force.

RBI= Reserve Bank of India.

RTG= Research Task Group.


SAM= Surface of Air Missile.

SDR= Sppecial Drawing Rights.

SEC= Security and Exchange Commission.

SAARC= South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation.

SOS= Save Qur Souls.

SEATO= South East Asian Treaty Organization.

SPARRSO= Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization.

SATA= South Asian Preferenctial Trade Agreement.


TV= Television.

TU= Trade Union.

TCB= Training Corporation of Bangladesh.

TYP= Two Years Plan.

TSC= Teachers and Students Centre.

TELEX= Teleprinter Exchange.


U.K= United Kingdom.

USA= United States of America.

UNDO= United Nations Development Organization.

UNDP= United Nations Development Programme.

UNEP= United Nations Environmental Programme.

UNICEF= United Nations International Children Emergency Fund.

UNIDO= United Nations Industrial Development.

UNESCO= United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

UNCTAD= United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

UNHCR= United Nations High Commisson for Refuges.

UNO= United Nations Organization.

USIS= United States Information Service.

UPI= United Press International.

UNSC= United Nations Security Council.

UNCED= United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

UNITA= National Union for the Total Independence of Angola.

ULFA= United Liberation Front of Asian.


VIP= Very Important Person.

VPP= Value Payable post.

VAT= Value Added Tax.

VCR= Vidio Cassatte Recorder.

VC= Voce Chancellor.

VOA= Voice of America.

VP= Vice President.

VDP= Village Defence Party.


WB= World Bank.

WD= War Department.

WFC= World Food Council.

WWW= World Wide Web.

WWA= World Welfare Association.

WTO= World Trade Organization.

WFP= World Food Programme.

WMO= World Materological Organization.

WHO= World Health Organization.

WIPO= World Intellectual Property Organization.

WIPU= World Inter Parliamentary Union.

WAY= World Assembly of Youth.

WBC= World Boxing Council.


X-Mas= Christmass.


YMCA= Young Men’s Christain Association.

YMMA= Young Men’s Muslim Association.

YWCA= Young Women’s Christain Association.


ZP= Zero Point.

ZPG= Zero Population Growth.

ZANU= Zimbabew African National Union.

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